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Is this the week you have scheduled your nail care? It’s been two weeks since you last visited the nail salon and had your gorgeous acrylic nails done. Generally, you need to infill your nails every two weeks but sometimes you need to do it a lot earlier because of the growing nails. Within two weeks, nails could get broken or the acrylic could come off the nails. Typically, to fix them, you have to go to the nail salon every time. In this case, maintaining your nails could cost you a lot of money. Do you really have to spend a fortune just for your nails?

If you need to infill acrylic nails but don’t have time to go to the nail salon, then why don’t you do it yourself? It is quite easy. You just need to follow simple steps on how to infill nails and you’re ready to go. First, you need to push back the eponychium, also known as the cuticle, using a double-ended pusher. You should remove the cuticle, which we know is a thick layer of skin that surrounds your fingernails and toenails. Beneath the eponychium is the pterygium, a thin layer of a membrane that you also must remove by the use of a double-ended pusher as well.

Soak the whole nails into acetone if lifting is severe for the purpose of removal and replacement. Next, file over the whole nail to rectify the lifting by using a medium frit file until the ridge is gone. Use the nailbrush to remove all the dust and dirt then apply a coat of nail dehydrator. You should use a nail dehydrator to your nails so that the nail tip and the natural nail perfectly bond to each other, and it reduces lifting too. Now, apply a coat of primer into your nails to prevent lifting. Apply a small dot of acrylic on the gap to infill. Hold the finger downwards for a few minutes just to make sure your natural nails and the acrylic nails stick together.

For the last step, you need to file down and buff up as usual then apply a coat of cuticle oil into your nails. You see how easy it is to follow these nail care tips. Now you have beautiful nails without going to the salon and you actually saved a lot of money.


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